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Young, enthusiastic island lovers and fascinated by nature and animals

We are a group of young entrepreneurs, lovers of sports and adventure, who have fallen in love with the amazing paradise of Sal Island. Sunny place all year around with white sandy beaches, natural reserves home for wild and endangered species such as sharks and turtles. Amazed by the number of fun and varied activities that this island can offer, we want to help you discover how to turn your vacation into an unforgettable adventure.


We believe in a sustainable and respectful development with the environment and we work this way to promote a responsible tourism in Sal Island, Cape Verde.

It is a big responsibility and an honor to be able to make excursions around the island of sighting of wild and endangered animals like the loggerhead sea turtles or the lemon sharks. Therefore, we put all our effort and dedication to do it in the most respectful and sustainable way, following the guidelines of the expert biologists in this matter, such as Project Biodiversity.

We want to preserve nature and its wildlife. We firmly believe that if people can see wild animals in their natural habitat, they will understand the fundamental role that these wonderful animals have on the planet and learn to respect them and preserve their environments to avoid their extinction.

We are proud to donate a percentage of our profits to Project Biodiversity, the local NGO in Sal Island in charge of the conservation of the biodiversity. They develop several projects for the protection of our natural reserves and biodiversity (turtles, sharks, birds, flora and fauna and much more). Visit their website to know more about their amazing journey and how to become a volunteer!

Sealife Experience together with Cabo Mice Events, we have created an annual cleaning campaign for all the beaches of the island called "Sal a pente fino". Aware of the enormous problem of plastic pollution that reaches our shores through ocean currents, we wanted to involve the entire community so that once a year and coinciding with the start of the turtle nesting season, we join forces to clean our beaches in order to offer a safe home for nesting turtles and at the same time raise awareness among the local population and tourists about our responsibility to keep our island clean and change some daily habits about single use plastic consumption.


Together we can make a difference!



Marine Conservation


Beach clean ups


Fair work

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